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Our Towing & Safety Services

Call our towing company if you need reliable towing service in Alberta. Flat rates and discounts for seniors are available. If you need more information about our 24/7 towing services, please call us anytime.

What We Do

Standard Towing

We provide towing and recovery services for vehicles of all sizes. Over short distances or longer ones. 

Heavy Truck Hauling

With the equipment and staff needed to haul the rig and the load including a Landoll® trailer with a self-winch, so we can haul a wide variety of loads. 

Traffic Safety

  • Traffic control and flagging for construction, pipeline or emergencies
  • Road signage, barricades, barriers, portable traffic lights and arrow boards
  • Pilot trucks to escort wide loads

Medium Duty Wrecker

For towing SUV’s and Pick ups

Heavy Truck Towing

We have the LARGEST Tow truck in the area our 50-Ton Wrecker is here to help when needed.

48' Slide Axle , Self Winch Trailer

For buses, coaches & motorhomes

Traffic Control

We have trained personnel and traffic control trucks when needed.

Tandem Deck Truck

For towing your heavy 2 tonne service trucks